What Needs Doing?

The event combines a gathering of narrowboats with a fun-packed community festival. There are many aspects of the event that need coordinating before, during and after the actual weekend.

Waterspace Management - The Harbour Master and his team need to juggle trade boats, historic displays, boats with crews that have special needs and last minute visitors. Planning of the moorings begins in July, however the hard work starts on the Wednesday before the festival when the boats start to arrive.

Trade and Chairity Stalls, Concessions and Caravans - Like the Harbour Master, the Trade Manager and his team start to plan the landside of the event as the bookings arrive and are on-site from Tuesday marking out and fine tuning.

Entertainment and Attractions - Selecting and booking the various entertainments for the event starts early in the year. During the weekend the team ensure all is happening when and where it should.


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